With a unique style and a passion for artistic photography, Brooke works hard to capture the personality of young children and high school seniors.  Brooke has a wide variety of experience working with young children, both as a mother and through her study of early childhood development at Walla Walla Community College, where she received her associates degree with honors. In addition to photography, Brooke works for Kids Ministry at Blue Mountain Community Church and teaches the after school program at The Ark Day School for kindergarten through second grade. 

I am a mother of a spunky four year old and some of my favorite material possessions I have on this earth are photographs of my baby girl.  As a parent, I know that having candid photography of your child that successfully captures and reveals their personality is priceless.  Not only do I enjoy having beautiful pictures of my daughter that showcase her unique personalty and faces, but each candid photo brings back a specific moment in time, or sparks an unforgettable memory.  Photographs tell stories, and that is what I desire to provide for you, your family, and your children to have, not only now but for generations to follow.  Whether your child is young or about to graduate from high school, photographing milestones and stages of life is so important to me because children grow and stages fly by all too quickly.  Every child is so unique and being able to preserve the moments we experience with our children as art pieces is priceless- the value of them is found in our hearts.  I am so excited to provide you with amazing portraiture that will last a lifetime.

-Brooke Bennett